Betta fish or Japanese fighting fish is a unique species that is loved fish lovers in the world. It is one of the most popular fish species that's sold around the world. A Betta fish can survive on one gallon of water, and it's interesting to keep Betta fish as they require low- maintenance. They can be kept in small aquarium in an office or at home because they can breathe atmospheric oxygen. If you are interested in keeping Betta fish, there are factors to consider when you are purchasing a Betta fish tank.  

Even though Betta fish can survive in a small bowl, it's advisable to keep them in a minimum sized tank to safeguard them from pollution, overheating and extreme cooling. Betta fish can also be kept in community tanks, but their survival can be endangered by fish that nip fins. Therefore it's advisable to keep them in a tank specially made for them.

Betta fish are evolved to survive in waters with no or minimal current. Do not keep your Betta fish in a tank that has a powerful aeration system. They do not require aeration. Therefore, you should keep them in a well-maintained tank. You can use filters or keep them in a large tank that can hold more than one gallon of water. Go for fish tanks with bare bottoms or sparsely colored with small grained gravel. Large gravels may trap uneaten food which will eventually decay and may cause toxic ammonia spikes. Small or fine gravels will allow you see the uneaten food particles that land on the bottom and it will be easy to remove. Most vertebrates overreact to light cycles. Natural lighting is sufficient, but if you opt for artificial lighting, you should make sure you turn off the light before going to bed. Go for a tank that uses LED lighting since LED is efficient, long lasting and they do not emit unwanted heat.More info at our website

Change the water in the tank regularly to keep it fresh. Changing water will enable you to remove debris from the bottom of the tank. Use dechlorinated water and when changing water maintain the temperature of the new water to the water you have removed. Go for a transparent fish tank that will enable you to view what's happening in the tank. Locate your fish tank where they will not be subjected constant movement. Also, do not locate it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight which may encourage the growth of algae and rapid temperature changes in water which is not suitable for Betta fish survival. See more at  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fish Tank for Your Betta Fish